Following his recent decision victory over Jake Shields at UFC 129, Welterweight Champion Georges St Pierre (GSP) disclosed that he was recovered from hyphema, sustained following a direct trauma to his eye during the fight. But what exactly is hyphema?

Hyphema is bleeding in the anterior chamber of the eye, between the cornea and iris.


  • Direct trauma, commonly from a sporting activity
  • Blood vessel abnormality
  • Cancer of the eye
  • Severe inflammation of the iris


  • Blurred or absent vision in the affected eye
  • If large, blood can be seen pooling in the front of the eyeball
  • Pain in the eye
  • Sensitivity to light


  • Medical examination should be sought following an injury to the eye.
  • In mild cases, no treatment is needed as the blood is absorbed in a few days.
  • If more severe, bed rest, eye patching, and sedation to reduce the likelihood of recurrent bleeding may be employed.
  • Eye drops to decrease the inflammation or lower the intraocular pressure may be used if needed.
  • Blood may need to be removed, especially if the intraocular pressure is severely increased or the blood is slow to absorb again.


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